A few updates …

Just thought I’d list a few updates to some issues that I have previously blogged about:

  • What problem does Google+ solve? I have previously written that I was not sure what problem Google+ was solving for consumers that made it distinctive from Facebook. Today, Google revealed more by introducing social elements into search results. Basically, your Google+ sharing will help Google in working out what search results they should present to you. I have seen this in action elsewhere and it can be useful. Interestingly, you can switch it (and your search history) off at the push of a button to avoid problems of filter failure. But I can’t help but think that this is also open to Facebook and means that whoever wins in search may well be the same company that wins at social.
  • How will publishers respond to Apple’s subscription pricing rules? I wrote last year about concerns about Apple’s market power when setting terms for publishing and subscriptions inside iOS apps. I speculated that the ability to work around those rules would limit any levers Apple may have — both now and in the future. Amazon today announced an iPad optimised Kindle store — on the web — that pretty much proves my point. Previously, the Financial Times opted out of the app business and into the web app business.
  • How Lucky was Louis? When I wrote about Louis CK’s experiment in DRM free content selling, he had just about broke even. Since then sales took off so much so that he is turning a profit part of which he decided to share with his employees and with charity.

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