Windows + Office + Cloud on your iPad

You know you hear about these products where they promise to put Windows and Office on an iPad and they never quite work. Well, this morning I tried OnLive. This is the cloud-based gaming service but they have just released Windows and Office for the iPad. And it is free if you don’t want premium features

I downloaded the app, signed up to an account and was straight into Windows (in like seconds). To be sure, I am here at the University on WiFi but you could simply not tell that this was a cloud-hosted service. It was just seamless. Using it was just like using a tablet PC (such that that is). You can see a screenshot to the right.

Now the Windows desktop does not have Internet Explorer so you can’t install stuff other than Office, which is already there. (And also this blog post had to be written the old-fashioned way). But you can upload PowerPoint slides and use them for presenting — including mark-ups and handwriting. And any changes you make to documents are synced and you can download them again from any browser.

I can only imagine when the touch optimized Windows 8 comes out this will be something special.

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