Free Podcasts

Some folk like to read blogs. Some folk like to listen to podcasts. Why not give everyone the option to do what they prefer? Now it is possible to read or listen to many of the essays that appear in my IEEE Micro Economics column (and appear here in digitopoly).

The IEEE deserves credit for this initiative. They have started a program to record podcasts from their many columnists. Kellogg’s Tim DeChant has helped me record more than a dozen (Thanks Tim!). There should be close to two dozen by the end of the year. Anyone can download them at IEEE’s Computing Now for free. Brandi Ortega manages the site (Thanks Brandi!). They also can be found on iTunes at no charge. Available so far are:

* Steve Jobs and the Economics of One Entrepreneur
* Direction of Broadband Spillover
* Digital Dark Matter
* Building Broadband Ahead of Digital Demand
* Gatekeeping Economics
* Digitization and Value Creation
* Standardization and Coordination
* Bleeding-Edge Mass Market Standards
* The Next Chapter at Google
* Network of Platforms
* Does Google Have Too Much Money?
* Soccer Mom Messaging Is the Poetry of Our Age
* Revolution in Spectrum Allocation

Please enjoy them!

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