Future of Blogging

Last week I attended the annual Kauffman Foundation Economics and Financial Weblogging Forum in Kansas City. It was the first time I had met so many of those bloggers that I read daily. I learned that the non-academic bloggers are young, very young. One of them is just out of high school! They are also taller than I expected.

Anyhow, my brief talk was on ‘The Future of Weblogging’ and followed Hal Varian’s great and entertaining talk on Google’s data analysis tools. You can see the actual recorded live stream of all the talks here but I also just recorded my bit in case you want to focus. It is a fairly brief and highly speculative treatment.

Felix Salmon, for some reason, thought I was just talking about RSS but, in fact, I had moved beyond that. (That’s what happens when you write a 1,000 word post during my talk!)

There were many other interesting moments. Mark Thoma talked about the incentives of academics to blog — there are still very few and when they exist it is in departments that are looking for wider attention. But I can also recommend Clay Shirky’s talk embedded here which was a compelling treatment of openness and its importance.


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