A little podcasting

One of the newest ventures in the Creative Destruction Lab is ‘Instaradio.’ They have put out an app called RAUR and I have been playing around with it. What RAUR does is offer a dead simple way of broadcasting audio straight from a mobile phone. Basically, you set up an account and then, when you have something to say, you click a microphone, say it, and it posts it to the web. That’s it. I’m sure there are other easy ways of podcasting but the simplicity here appealed to me.

Over the last three days I have done a few podcasts including one on mobile keyboards, another on Sam Altman’s startup class and today one on the Theory of Disruption. Interestingly, some of my colleagues don’t like the podcast format as they would prefer to read a blog post from me. On the other hand, my son claimed that he always wanted to read my blog posts but really couldn’t be bothered. But he likes listening to me talk! And he’s a teenager. He also likes talking and has tried the app himself with some thoughts on the Apple Watch.


One Reply to “A little podcasting”

  1. I went to the link from my PC to download the podcasts to my pc. From there I could listen to them, transfer them to my and listen to them there.

    Silly me. It’s got all kinds of hot spots that do nothing when you mouse over them – at least on a pc. Apparently you have to download the app to both create the podcast and _listen_ to it.

    This seems to be an unnecessary hurdle and maybe a little self-disruptive.

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