The Internet of Things, Dangers, Trust and the Blockchain

There is has been a bit of discussion this week regarding The Blockchain. This is the real innovation that powers Bitcoin but one that many see may be a way of generating trust and permissions. Here is a great summary in The Economist.

This can be dry stuff — you know, hard to motivate. But thanks to Mark Pesce, your attention can be grabbed. Here is the beginning:

On a lovely, warm Saturday afternoon in September 2020 you’ve got the kids packed into your brand-new Volvo XC90 for a drive round to the shops. The traffic isn’t particularly bad, and because you’re running the quasi-legal Enlighten app, you and your XC90 know just how to pace your driving speed so you meet only green lights from home to the front of the brand-new Westfield.

You pull up to the curb — at the specially marked out ‘drop-off zone’ — get out of the car, and slowly remove your children from their various restraints, placing them, one after another, on the curb beside you. Thoroughly decamped, you close the driver’s side door. The car rests for a moment, then — as if it has suddenly realised something — slowly rolls off toward the entrance to the mall’s parking structure.

Things go downhill after that. You should read the whole thing. It certainly got me thinking that maybe we should be thinking about trust relationships more than we currently are with respect to the Internet of Things.

2 Replies to “The Internet of Things, Dangers, Trust and the Blockchain”

  1. Heaven forbid that a companion virus attacks the BlockChain process itself. Or, the virus blocks the transmittal of its own installation. Firewalls and AV systems have been circumvented/attacked by previous viruses.

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