Teaching about data carrier economics? A few cases to help.

Do you teach Internet economics? Do you teach Internet strategy to business students? Looking for cases to expose students to the latest issues in data markets? This post include some quick (and shameless) publicity for a few cases you might find useful. One is about the fight between Netflix and broadband ISPs. Another is about net neutrality. And a third is about data caps. All three were written in the last year.

All are available in the HBS case collection for your examination.


By Shane Greenstein; Michael Norris

Product #: 616007-PDF-ENG

In late 2013 and early 2014, Netflix service over the major U.S. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) suffered major slowdowns. What were the causes of these problems? What could Netflix do to solve them?



By Shane Greenstein; Christine Snively

Product #: 617006-PDF-ENG

The net neutrality debate had implications for Internet service providers, content providers, and end users. This note aims to inform the reader of the various sides of the debate where open issues remain, and what aspects an entrepreneur, investor, or content provider-either an existing player, or a new entrant-should be aware of. From a management perspective, net neutrality rules could have major consequences on the business models of content providers, ISPs, and other businesses that depend on the transfer of data across the Internet.


And a coming attraction:
By Shane Greenstein; Lisa Cox; Christine Snively

This will examine the many sides of data caps in the home ISP business. The case is written, but not all the copyright permissions have been signed. It should not be more than a couple weeks.


Know of other cases that teach useful lessons? List them in the comments. More are welcome!

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