Kahneman on AI versus Humans

At our AI conference last week, Nobel Laureate, Danny Kahneman, was commenting on a paper by Colin Camerer but ended up spending much of his time talking about his view as to whether AI (or robots) would replace humans. He had definite opinions on the subject.

Here is a video of his remarks:


5 Replies to “Kahneman on AI versus Humans”

  1. I am a huge fan of Kahneman. But I don’t agree that a robot will be wiser than a human. Yes, a robot will have more breadth of information, but it will never be able to be humane, when using such wisdom.

    Last week, in Vegas, the robot would have decided that we cannot carry bleeding passengers in a taxi or the back of a truck (because we don’t have seatbelts). We haven’t had such incident in the past so the robot would not have known how to make that decision. Humans said yes and helped save lives.

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