MIT Sloan Management Review Strategy Forum is now live

At Chicago Booth, there is a panel of famous economists who are posed various economics forecasting and policy questions and you can see which way the economic winds are blowing. The IGM Panel has been running successfully for a few years now.

Tim Simcoe who had worked at the Council of Economic Advisors had noted its influence and last year approached me with the idea of setting a similar panel up for Strategic Management. It was a great idea and we approached the IGM folks to see if they would host that panel. After six months, they decided to focus purely on economics and so we went elsewhere. Thankfully, the Sloan Management Review saw the opportunity and agreed to host the forum. Today, the SMR Strategy Forum went live and you can see the results here.

The first question was whether consumer privacy concerns would limit the use of big data. As you will see, the opinions are split on the subject.

We are going to pose a question every month. They will cover large areas of business policy and hopefully stimulate much debate and discussion.


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