Innovation + Equality

Today is publication day for Innovation + Equality: How to create a future that is more Star Trek than Terminator (MIT Press). This is my book — co-authored with Andrew Leigh (the author of Randomistas) — that examines the relationship between having more equality and more innovation. We make the case that you can have more of both. You can see our basic argument in this somewhat hokey video (challenging because we live half a world apart).

There’s a lot in the book but our main thesis is that once you understand that both technological change itself and its consequences are both highly uncertain, that shapes how you should think about constructing policies that respect that uncertainty. Put simply, you want to think about almost everything in insurance terms and in using policy levers when you and others know their likely impacts.

We think that this adds a much-needed perspective regarding the debate on inequality in particular; some of which are summarised in this article we wrote the other day for The Hill.

It is available on Amazon and other good bookstores.

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