This blog was established by Professors Erik Brynjolfsson, Joshua Gans and Shane Greenstein. They noticed that there were many blogs devoted to digital developments and consumer products but the selection focussing on economic and business aspects of the digital world was very limited. Digitopoly’s mission is to provide an economic and strategic management perspective on digital opportunities, trends, limits, trade-offs and platforms; expanding commentary in this important space.

The blog’s name — Digitopoly — reflects our broad interests in the impact of digital technology on competition. While, in some cases, our concern is the preservation of competition in the face of pressures toward monopoly, in others we see opportunities for greater competition and welfare benefits.

Our logo is deliberately iconic. The heavy set line in the graph could represent Moore’s Law (for processing power as time progresses) or Metcalfe’s Law (for the value of networks as more join).  It overtakes the simple linear trend represented by thin, broken line. This reflects the idea that linear ways of thinking rarely serve us well in the digital economy.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Tims Vermeer

    I’m a long time Vermeer fan, realist painter and have just read some of the comments on this site. I wrote my Uni thesis on Vermeers possible use of the camera obscura in 1978. I made obscura at the time and interviewed Sir Lawrence Gowing who was then a leading Vermeer scholar. I have painted seriously for 50 years. I have always found P & T entertaining and loved their BS debunking shows.
    During my years as a professional artist I have aquired skills in graphics, drawing from life, photography ,computer 3D animation,etc,etc Now my point—- in the 60,s I was employed as a lettering artist ( before the introduction of Letraset or computers)and I find it hard to believe that Tims untrained hand is painting the lettering that is on the keyboard instrument, in the film you only see the hand, not who it belongs to. Has anyone else thought this?
    Is there a close -up of Tims painting on the net.


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