How to measure Online traffic

The commercial online world has quietly gone through its teens doing what every teenager does — measuring their growth. This is all for the good. It is a sign of the maturation of Web commerce that some stability has started to emerge in measuring online traffic and activity.

Which introduces this little post: AdAge MediaWorks recently published a short and useful survey of the various services for measuring traffic. See this link. It gives their quick analysis of several sources of data, including Comscore, Nielsen, Quantcast, Hitwise, Compete and Googles DoubleClick Ad Planner. Notable absences from this list include Alexa and RawVoice. Who else did they miss?

This year I noticed a definite uptick in the use of Quantcast among my students. Maybe that is due to the low price, which appeals to a student on a budget. But will they make the same choice when the firm pays for it? Who do you think gets measurement right?


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