Best apps

As it is the holiday season, I thought it might be useful to list my favourite iPhone/iPad apps that for work. Their primary selling point is that fact that they actually get used by me.

  • Due: Due is an iPhone app that solves a particular problem: I need to remember to do something at a certain time and I need to be nagged to do it. Here is what happens: I need to remember to, say, write an email to someone but can’t do it right now. With Due I can set my phone to alert me to write the email and I can set the time (e.g., 30 minutes from now, 4pm) that it reminds me. I used to have to leave myself notes or write on my hand. With Due, I can do the same thing but with more precision and it doesn’t let up until I do it.
  • Wunderlist: This is what I use to keep track of tasks. Its selling points are that it is easy to use and syncs across all devices (including desktops). It also allows for easy task sharing.
  • Reeder: I use Reeder to read RSS feeds from Google Reader on mobile devices. I must admit that when I am at a computer I still use Google Reader’s web site.
  • Evernote: This is what I use to remember things. I keep notes here, take pictures of business cards (that are then searchable) and also put web page clippings using a web icon in Chrome.
  • Instapaper: When I come across something on the web that I don’t want to read right away, I click on ‘read it later’ and a readable version is synced to Instapaper. I can then read it on my iPad without all the web junk. It also serves as a memory and when I like what I read it lets Facebook and Twitter know.
  • Calcbot: This is a great iOS calculator for adding stuff up. Works like an adding machine more than a standard calculator so you can see what you are inputing.
  • Convert: This is the most intuitive measurement/currency converter app
  • Papers: This is an app and a desktop application that stores all my pdfs and allows them to be read and searched on my iPad. They are kept in sync and if I search for scholarly articles using the app, the PDFs are imported right in. I can also set it up to recognise my institution’s subscriptions.
  • Tripit: This is a service that allows me to forward flight and hotel bookings to it to form itineraries. I can then use the app to help with airport checkins and also share itineraries with others. I have used it for years and it is a must-have service.

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