It's time for Flappy Economist

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.10.02 AMWhile most of the world think that Flappy Bird is fairly useless and without redeeming value, some think there is opportunity.

Folks, thanks to my son, I bring you Flappy Economist. In it you control the money supply but you have to balance between the economy going between disastrous unemployment or rampant inflation. Of course, if you fail then the economy dies.

You’ll also notice that the economy has a Keynesian bias in that you have to keep active with enough money to stop the economy falling into depression. I am sure that others can work on an Austrian version.

4 Replies to “It's time for Flappy Economist”

  1. I tired twice – really hard. But I find it extremely hard to regulate money supply. I choice to actively criticize people who do regulate supply without having to do anything stands vindicated!

  2. Needs to keep track of economic catastrophes avoided; otherwise how will we know if we are good central bankers?

  3. Hunter Pritchett, good comment but if you perform brilliantly in avoiding catastrophes your successors will sleep through it at the time and afterwards deny there was any problem to avoid. Ask poor Wayne Swan

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